As some of you may know, June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month. This year I felt that I should do something relevant to show my support, and with the first Legend of Korra comic being released later this month this seemed like an appropriate choice for something to write about. Before I get started I just want to say a couple of things. One, if you have not yet watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, then you need to because they are both absolutely wonderful. Two, I just want to take a moment to appreciate the representation in these shows, especially The Legend of Korra. The nations in the Avatar world draw inspiration primarily from Asian cultures, meaning none of the characters are the Western white people who still dominate our media. The female characters are as varied and capable as the men, with both shows achieving roughly equal numbers of men and women. And, of course, The Legend of Korra has two bisexual main characters, plus a couple of other characters who were later confirmed as queer. Considering how underrepresented, and often misrepresented when they do appear, bisexual characters are, this is a significant achievement, particularly for a show on a children’s network.

Anyway, with that gush out of the way I can move on to the actual article. The first thing I want to discuss is the opinion of a minority of the show’s fans that Korra and Asami’s romantic relationship was rushed. While I can to some extent understand why someone might be of that opinion, I would have to respectfully completely disagree with them, for a large number of reasons.

Since I am a relatively unimaginative person, I’m going to start at the beginning, namely the beginning of Korra and Asami’s interaction on the show. Now, when they first meet they obviously don’t exactly get along, what with them both liking the same dude and all. However, what I did notice right from the first time I watched the show was how persistent Asami was in trying to become Korra’s friend. Korra is nothing but abrasive and aloof with her, even referring to Asami as a “prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl” (side note: it’s interesting that even while trying to dislike Asami, Korra manages to compliment her just as much as she manages to criticise her in this quote). There is really no reason why Asami would want to be around Korra at this point in the show, and yet she keeps on not just being friendly towards her, but even actively trying to spend time with her (such as when she takes Korra for a spin on the race track).

I can only conclude that Asami found Korra exceedingly fascinating right from the beginning, because I sure as hell wouldn’t be that nice and forgiving to someone who was almost constantly rude to me the first few times we met (side note: I’m not saying she had a romantic interest in Korra at this point, just that she had a strong desire to get to know Korra better). Then again, perhaps it isn’t surprising that Asami seems drawn towards Korra this early considering the writers have said that they considered the idea of putting them together as a couple as early as during the writing of Book 1. In short, it was clearly not a last minute decision to end the show with Korra and Asami about to begin a romantic relationship.

Since Book 2 is fairly devoid of important moments in their relationship, the next things worth noting come in Book 3. It is immediately apparent from the first couple of episodes of the third season that the dynamic of Korra and Asami’s friendship has shifted significantly. They’ve both moved on from Mako, and with no awkward love triangles to get in the way it becomes obvious how well they complement each other as individuals. Korra’s growing spiritual side and Asami’s technical innovation make for a powerful combination; an excellent example of balance between the natural and the man-made. This is exemplified in the show when we see Asami teaching Korra to drive, and Korra repeatedly opening up to Asami about how uncertain she is of her own ability to be a good Avatar.

As Book 3 goes on, their friendship grows more and more solid. Asami not only lends Korra and the others a brand new Future Industries airship to search for new airbenders, but also leaves her company to her board members in order to go with them (side note: at least I’m assuming she left her board members or someone like that in charge, otherwise she probably wouldn’t have had a company to come back to). Now, it’s not like finding the new airbenders is vital in order to save the world or anything, so there is no logical reason why Asami has to go with them; she could just have given them the airship and stayed in Republic City. She and Mako have been broken up for well over a year at this point, and she was never really close to Bolin or Tenzin or any of the others. Therefore the only reason for her to go is because she knows that restoring the air nation is important to Korra and she wants to support her. I would also like to add that while I would happily lend my friend an airship if I had one, I wouldn’t follow them halfway across the world to do something that was of no real relevance to me personally, especially if I was the CEO of a company.

The season continues, and the amount of screen time that Korra and Asami share without any of the other main characters being present increases noticeably. They go to retrieve the money for the Earth Queen together, they get captured by the Earth Queen together, and they end up stranded in the desert together. Then of course at the end of Book 3 is Korra’s fight with Zaheer. This is Korra at the most vulnerable we’ve ever seen her, and it’s Asami who steps in to look after her. It isn’t surprising that out of the gang Asami seems to best understand what Korra’s going through since she’s the only person we’ve really seen Korra open up to in this season apart from (to a much lesser extent) Tenzin.

It’s interesting to compare the two times on the show that Korra loses her bending. When Amon takes it at the end of Book 1 it’s Mako who tries to be there for her, but he’s too overbearing and when he tells Korra that he loves her she runs away because she can’t process it on top of everything else she’s going through (side note: I don’t dislike Mako at all, in fact I quite like him, but I really don’t think he and Korra were at all right for each other in the long term). On the other hand, at the end of Book 3 when Korra’s recovering from what Zaheer did to her Asami tells her that none of them expect Korra to get better right away, and that she should take the time she needs to heal. Basically, she puts the emphasis on Korra’s wellbeing and what Korra needs to do, as opposed to making it about her own feelings (I don’t think Mako was deliberately being self-centred, but in that particular instance he did shove his emotions on Korra at a time when she needed unconditional support rather than declarations of love).

Asami is also the only one of the gang to offer to go with Korra to the South Pole, despite being by far the busiest member of Team Avatar (apart from Korra herself of course). She is also the only one whose letter Korra replies to, probably because she’s the only one to say that Korra’s absence has had a significant effect on her life beyond simply missing her friend. Unlike Mako, however, she doesn’t express it in a way that forces Korra to say something in reply; Asami’s not saying it to get it off her chest, she’s saying it because she simply wants Korra to know how much she cares about her (side note: I have to say, it is wonderful how healthy and supportive this relationship is, and we seriously need more examples of this on television). In my opinion, it’s not a stretch to say that Asami is already in love with Korra when Korra leaves for the South Pole, although she may not have realised what those feelings were at that point.

At last we reach Book 4, and this is where we see another change in the way they interact, in this case the first more overt signs of the possibility of romantic interest. The clearest example of this is the restaurant scene when Korra first returns to Republic City. Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that Asami meets Korra in the foyer while Mako and Prince Wu wait inside at the table. It’s a small detail but the writers are subtly establishing that Korra’s relationship with Asami is becoming different to her relationships with her other friends. Then there’s the distinctly less subtle flirting in their conversation here, which is obviously a cover for deeper emotions but is still cute as hell. I have to mention the fact that Asami actually makes Korra blush here, a feat only before achieved by Mako (at least I think he probably made her blush at some point, I don’t remember for sure). And to top it all off, even Mako notices that something’s going on between them, and he’s normally pretty oblivious when it comes to reading other people’s feelings.

There are other small moments throughout the second half of Book 4 that further solidify the idea that Korra and Asami’s relationship is moving beyond just friendship, such as Asami bringing Korra tea just for an excuse to be around her (I don’t believe for a second that Asami forgot that Korra is a firebender and can therefore warm herself up without the aid of tea, proving that the tea was just a way to start a conversation). Another example of this is the group hug (pictured below) in which Asami is literally only hugging Korra despite Mako being right next to her and Korra is quite clearly leaning into Asami although she has an arm around Mako (side note: you almost gotta feel sorry for Prince Wu here, getting hugged by no one). These are all little details, but they’re the kind of things that make a relationship much more convincing and believable.

Now that I’ve gone over how Korra and Asami’s relationship is developed during the show, I want to briefly cover the other main source of evidence for them as a romantic couple. What I’m talking about is the parallels between Aang and Katara, and Korra and Asami. Most of these I didn’t notice when I first watched the show, with the exception of the obvious visual parallels in the final scene, but rather they occurred to me afterwards.

While Korra is far more combative and quick to anger than Aang, they are both undeniably eager and often impulsive. In Avatar, Katara serves the purpose of tempering Aang’s rashness with her own ability to remain calm and think things through. Asami fulfils a similar role in The Legend of Korra; for example, she speaks up against Korra facing Zaheer alone. When Aang was worried about the power of the Avatar state Katara accepts every part of him, even those that scare her; when Korra feels like she’s failing as the Avatar, Asami reminds her of all the good she’s done in the world. When Aang is badly injured after Azula hits him with lightning, Katara is the one who looks after him; when Korra is badly injured after fighting Zaheer, Asami is the one who looks after her. In fact, there is a noticeable similarity between the scene in which Katara gets Aang to safety after the lightning, and the scene in which Asami gets Korra to safety after Zaheer’s gang find them.

As one can see below, the most obvious comparison of the two relationships is in the final scene of the two shows, which are clearly meant to be reflections of each other.


Finally, there are some more subtle parallels. For example, Aang and Katara first bond by going sledding; Korra and Asami first bond by going driving. Katara and Asami also share some aspects of their background; both of their mothers were killed by firebenders when they were very young, and they both have an at times rocky relationship with their fathers (albeit for very different reasons).

In conclusion, I think it’s utterly unfounded to say that Korra and Asami’s romantic relationship was rushed. Just because the writers actually developed their connection realistically and didn’t hit the viewer over the head with clumsily obvious hints that they were interested in each other doesn’t mean that those feelings aren’t easy to see for someone not watching the show through heteronormative glasses. They have one of the most positive relationships to appear recently on television, and like a lot of the best love stories it started with a strong friendship which slowly developed a romantic dimension. I can’t wait to see where the writers take things in the comics, and since they’ve done such a stellar job so far, I’m fairly optimistic that it’s going to be good.

Disclaimer: This is, of course, just my opinion. I’m not trying to offend anyone so don’t take it personally if one of your favourite bands or singers is on this list.

Notes: My rules for this list were that I had to have listened to at least 5 songs by an artist before I could put them on the list. This is so that I’ve given each artist a fair chance rather than dismissing them based on one bad song. Also, the entries are in no particular order in terms of how much I dislike each artist, therefore I simply put them in alphabetical order.

1. AC/DC

I don’t even know where to start. The vocals sound like a ferret being strangled, and that’s assuming the ferret never had a good voice to begin with otherwise that’s too generous a description. The lyrics are the dime a dozen macho bullcrap; on one song he talks about having “women to the left of [him], and women to the right”, but then on another song he complains about “too many women”. I feel like the band’s lyricist was a delusional horny thirteen year old boy who thought he was the most badass badass to ever live.

Every song I’ve listened to has a great guitar part, and if the vocalist and lyrics were different I’d probably actually like AC/DC. As it is, though, the only thing I can admire about them is that they named themselves after something scientific, which is more than can be said for most rock bands.

Songs I can tolerate: Highway to Hell

2. Aerosmith

I could justify my dislike of Aerosmith with five words: Dude Looks Like a Lady. However, I am not that judgmental, so I will give them a fair shot.

Once again the vocals sound like some species of animal dying in the studio. The lyrics are a mixed bag; “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, “Amazing” and “Cryin’ ” have decent words, but on another song he calls his girlfriend “crazy” for having things on her mind other than him. I mean, really? I must say that for me a lot of the songs outstayed their welcome by a little bit as well; they could have been slightly shorter and it would have been an improvement.

The guitar is good in the songs I’ve listened to, but it can’t drown out the caterwauling that is meant to be singing. Like with AC/DC, if Aerosmith had a different vocalist I’d probably like them.

Songs I actually like: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Songs I think are decent: Cryin’

Songs I detest with all my being: Dude Looks Like a Lady

3. Britney Spears

I swear, this woman sounds like a frog with a sore throat. I’ve probably heard more songs by her than any other artist on this list, so I have a fairly good idea of my opinion, and I don’t dislike her music anywhere near as much as some other entries on here. I like the lyrics and message on “Womanizer”, the rest of the songs I’ve heard have pretty generic words you could find in numerous other pop songs. There are so many other singers out there with far better voices and far more talent than her, and I don’t get why she gets so much more popularity and recognition.

On the other hand, her songs are certainly catchy, and mostly harmless overall, if at times a bit repetitive. I confess with no shame to loving “Everytime”, where her vocals are much better than usual.

Songs I love: Everytime

Songs I quite like: …Baby One More Time, Oops!…I Did it Again

Songs I can bear: Womanizer

4. Eminem

I’m not going to lie, this guy is a very talented rapper. He has good rhythm, a lot of thought-provoking lyrics, and some of his songs actually have interesting instrumentation. However, rap and hip hop music in general is not for me. I don’t like music I can’t find some kind of tune in, and therefore songs where all the vocals are spoken tend to not be to my taste. It’s not much of a coincidence that the songs I’ve listed below as ones I like are ones which contain some singing. This one is basically personal preference, I don’t have many actual criticisms of Eminem’s work, and it’s refreshing that he doesn’t swear excessively and unnecessarily like so many rappers do when they can’t think of any words to use. The piano on Mockingbird is actually rather haunting and beautiful as he tells the story of a collapsing relationship and its effect on their child, and Not Afraid has a good message of cooperation and helping each other. Eminem is probably the artist on this list I’ve been the most pleasantly surprised by so far. In fact, he probably no longer belongs on this list because I can definitely see why people like his music.

Songs I really like: Mockingbird, Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna)

Songs I like: Not Afraid

Songs I admire but aren’t my cup of tea: Lose Yourself

5. Judas Priest

I feel like vocals ruining otherwise good music is becoming a theme on this list. I won’t deny that Rob Halford has a versatile voice, and on some songs his vocals are fine, but when he starts shrieking I do not understand how anyone can listen to it and enjoy it. My eardrums are still recovering from being pierced so painfully. The guitars and drums are excellent on a lot of their songs but because of Rob Halford’s vocals they are an extremely hit or miss band for me, and even the songs I don’t mind aren’t enough for me to want to listen to more by the band.

Songs I wouldn’t seek out but wouldn’t mind hearing again: Breaking the Law, Turbo Lover

Songs I would not listen to again even if I was threatened at gunpoint: Painkiller

6. Justin Bieber

Listening to five whole songs by Justin Bieber was probably one of the most excruciating experiences I’ve had recently. He comes across as a stuck up brat, and his songs aren’t even pleasant to listen to for the most part. Love Yourself was the only song I could stand, and that’s probably because it was written by Ed Sheeran and it sounds more like one of his songs than a Justin Bieber song. Baby is possibly the most obnoxious thing my eardrums have ever been assaulted with, and Boyfriend is super controlling and horrible. To be honest, I don’t know why I bothered watching lyrics videos for these songs, because I didn’t expect any original or insightful material in that respect. Since the music is all generic and like a myriad of other songs in the charts, his voice is all that’s left to redeem his music. I admit that I’ve heard worse singers, but his vocals are nothing special and he doesn’t sound at all sincere most of the time, at least to me. Also, as a final point, it’s actually kind of creepy that he sang some of these songs when he was still a teenager.

Songs I can tolerate: Love Yourself

Songs I want to eradicate from existence: Baby, Boyfriend

7. Kid Rock

I must confess that I have never listened to a whole Kid Rock song, and therefore I am making him an exception to the rule of this list that I must have listened to at least 5 songs by an artist to put them on here. However, I have what I consider to be a valid reason for this.

I refuse to give any of my time to someone who says in a song, “Young girls, young girls, I like them underage”. As a woman, I find that extremely disturbing, and I would never want to be within a hundred miles of this man. What is more disturbing though is that one of his albums sold almost 10 million copies in the US alone.

Trashy, creepy music like this which is only based on shock value is not worth my time, or anyone else’s for that matter.

8. Mariah Carey

This is the point where I wish I hadn’t gone through the artists in alphabetical order because I have had to listen to Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey one after the other, and that is something that no one should ever have to do. This woman seems very self obsessed from what I’ve heard about her, and it comes across in her music. She has to show off her whole vocal range in each and every song, saying “LOOK AT ME! I CAN WARBLE AT MANY DIFFERENT PITCHES!”

The music behind her is unbelievably boring, and frankly so are the songs she’s singing. I couldn’t remember most of them five seconds after finishing them. Her music is the most sappy, overblown, melodramatic, showboating crap I’ve ever heard, and I haven’t even started on the cheesy as a cheese shop lyrics about how she can’t live without her man or how “A HERO LIES IN YOU!”

Oh and, Mariah, to answer your question – “Who’s gonna talk with me on the phone till the sun comes up?” – maybe your friends would if your life didn’t revolve around your boyfriend and you weren’t constantly whining about how he’s left you. Also, never, I repeat NEVER, call anyone “babyface”. Ugh. It’s all so sickeningly dull that it could be used to help people with insomnia. Pop music can do, and has done, so much better.

Songs I can bear once or twice a year: All I Want for Christmas is You

Songs I wouldn’t make my worst enemy listen to: EVERY. OTHER. SONG.

9. Megadeth

Okay, let’s get one thing straight right away. I think Dave Mustaine is a bloody idiot. I disagree with practically all of his opinions; for example, when asked if he supported gay rights he said that “since [he’s] not gay, the answer to that would be no”. I mean, seriously? By that logic everyone who is not the same as you in every single way doesn’t deserve any rights. To quote a common joke, “I support animal rights, do I look like a f**king alpaca to you?”

But none of this is why I don’t like Megadeth, I mean it has an effect of course, but if I liked the music and his personal views didn’t come across too strongly I could have possibly still liked the band.

No, I have other problems with Megadeth that have nothing to do with Dave Mustaine’s fundamentalist religious bullcrap. My main issue with the band does, however, still have to do with Dave Mustaine, or more specifically his voice. This guy is one of the worst vocalists I have ever heard. He cannot in any way sing, he doesn’t growl, he just kind of talks his way through the songs. And to make things worse he doesn’t even sound interested in what he’s saying.

I will concede, however, that instrumentally Megadeth are exceedingly talented. The guitar riffs and solos are fantastic, and the drumming is punishingly powerful. None of this is enough to save their music from Dave Mustaine’s horrific vocals and sometimes objectionable lyrics.

Songs saved by Cristina Scabbia singing on them: A tout le monde (Dave Mustaine isn’t as bad on this one either)

Songs I can stand: None of the rest, Dave Mustaine wrecks them all

10. Nickelback

Ah, the most made fun of band in rock music. I am ashamed to say that I once listened to and sort of liked a whole Nickelback album. But that was many years ago, and I am much older and wiser now. This band are the epitome of generic radio rock, and they literally only have two types of songs.

The Type A Nickelback song is a cheesy, inoffensive power ballad with suitably nonsensical lyrics such as “Never made it as a wise man, I couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing, and this is how you remind me of what I really am”. I’m sorry but how does his inability to succeed in two utterly unrelated professions have anything to do with her reminding him of what he really is? I know this sounds shocking, but I’m beginning to think it’s possible that Nickelback… *dramatic drum roll* aren’t trying to write a good song. I hope your sarcasm detectors are going off because if anyone thinks Nickelback care about the music they’re making and aren’t just trying to get money and fame then they need their IQ tested.

Now, the Type B Nickelback song is a different and infinitely worse (if that’s even possible) beast altogether. These are the ridiculously atrocious, adolescent and misogynistic piles of crap that are apparently meant to be songs. Now the music on its own is so simple it could almost be performed by anyone who can hold a guitar, but the real killer is Chad Kroeger’s lyrics, which are the level of a 13 year old writing fanfic (actually most 13 year olds could write better than this). I’ll just leave the lyrics of “Something in Your Mouth” below for you to marvel at how low Nickelback can really go (I haven’t made any corrections to these lyrics because just reading them made me want to be sick):

“Got to meet the hottie with the million dollar body
They say it’s over budget but you’d pay her just to touch it come on
Needs to hit the big screen and shoot a little love scene
If Hollywood had called her she’d be gone before ya hollered come on

Dirty little lady with the pretty pink thong
Every sugar daddy hittin’ on her all night long
Doesn’t care about the money she could be with anybody
Ain’t it funny how the honey wanted you all along

(you naughty thing)
You’re ripping up the dance floor honey
(you naughty woman)
You shake your ass around for everyone
(you’re such a mover)
I love the way you dance with anybody
(the way you swing)
And tease them all by sucking on your thumb
You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out
‘Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth

Crafty little lip tricks
Tattoos on her left hip
She bending as your spending
There’s no end to it so baby come on
Dressed up like a princess
Bettin’ that her skin smells better
Than the scent of every flower in the desert come on

Dirty little lady with the pretty pink thong
Every sugar daddy hittin’ on her all night long.
Doesn’t care about the money she could be with anybody
Ain’t it funny how the honey wanted you all along

(you naughty thing)
You’re ripping up the dance floor honey
(you naughty woman)
You shake your ass around for everyone
(you’re such a mover)
I love the way you dance with anybody
(the way you swing)
And tease them all by sucking on your thumb
You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out
‘Cause you look so much cuter with something in your mouth

She loves the night scene bar queen
Living for the fun taking over every dance floor like she’s the only one
In the spotlight all night dissing everyone
And trying to look so innocent while sucking on her thumb

You’re so much cooler
When you never pull it out
So much cuter
With something in your mouth

(you naughty thing)
You’re ripping up the dance floor honey
(you naughty woman)
You shake your ass around for everyone
I love the way you dance with anybody
(the way you swing)
And tease them all by sucking on your thumb

(you naughty thing)
You’re ripping up the dance floor honey
(you naughty woman)
You shake that ass around for everyone
(you’re such a mover)
I love the way you dance with anybody
(the way you swing)
And tease them all by sucking on your thumb
You’re so much cooler when you never pull it out
‘Cause you look so much cuter with something in your”

I mean it says everything you need to know about Chad Kroeger’s intelligence that he thinks flowers grow in the desert, doesn’t it? Don’t even get me started on the fact that for someone who clearly thinks he’s a sex god he doesn’t understand how anatomy works either, as proven in “Animals” when he sings, “Got your hand between my knees, and you control just how fast we go by just how hard you wanna squeeze”. At first glance that just sounds like more lame sexy times with Nickelback, but then you realise… did he say his knees? Dude, there is no way there’s anything between your knees she could be squeezing except air. Now given we’re talking about a grown man who almost exclusively writes about sex I’m willing to accept that he would get turned on just from her clenching her fist in the space between his knees, but in reality that line just proves what a laughable lyricist he is.

Now we’ve covered how atrocious and adolescent the lyrics are, we can move on to how sexist some of them are. A prime example of this is the song “Next Contestant”. You know it’s going to be bad when the first line of the song is “I judge by what she’s wearing just how many heads I’m tearing off”. It only gets worse as Kroeger sings about how “they think they’ll get inside her with every drink they buy her”. This is the point where I assume this song is about a prostitute, since he’s mentioned that “this happens every night she works”. But then he asks, “Is that your hand on my girlfriend?” Okay, now I have two theories: either he thinks a prostitute is his girlfriend, which is just sad to be honest, or his girlfriend works as a bartender and he’s just being an insanely creepy and controlling stalker boyfriend. Either way, there’s no justification for treating a woman as a prize to be won and referring to other men trying to talk to her as the “next contestant” for her body. Oh and Chad, you think that “this time someone’s getting hurt”? Well, I have news for you: it’d only be you getting hurt if you tried to fight someone, you pathetic manchild. Finally, what’s even funnier is that in “S.E.X.” he not only claims that “sex, sex is always the answer”, proving he never passed a single test at school, but asks a woman to “bring [her] friend along” because it’s “better [to] rock together than just one at a time”. Mate, the fact that you’re still writing juvenile songs about sex as an adult proves that you can’t get one hot girl, let alone two 😀

I could dissect the unsettling rape overtones in some of the songs such as the line “No is a dirty word” in “S.E.X.” but there’s no point. This band are just a dumpster fire of garbage that isn’t worth anyone’s time.

11. Radiohead

I don’t really have anything against Radiohead. I can respect their talent and the originality of their music. But the fact is that most of their songs just bore me to tears. I just can’t find anything engaging or memorable in their music; to me it’s all just slow and dreary and I just can’t find an enjoyment factor. I know some people would complain that I just don’t understand Radiohead’s music. Well, maybe they’re right, maybe I don’t, but I can’t help that. Sorry, for me there’s no appeal. I do concede that even having them on the same list as Nickelback is a travesty though.

Songs I really like: Creep, No Surprises

Songs that nearly send me to sleep: Everything else

12. Slayer

Oh joy, yet another case of the vocals destroying some perfectly good music. Once more the guitars and drums are powerful and impressively fast. Then the vocals come in, and it’s just tuneless shouting. What is the point of me not being able to understand any of the words to a song because the vocalist would rather sound like a wild boar being strangled? I have never understood the appeal of music where the only vocals are shouted or screamed unintelligibly; for me it makes a song almost unlistenable if it’s the only vocals on the track. You can call me a “pussy” or “not a tr00 metal fan” all you want, give me music with a real melody any day.

Songs that are despoiled by the Cookie Monster: All of them

13. Slipknot

I definitely find the mask thing and the overly-violent-cause-look-we’re-so-metal music videos a bit posery and pretentious, but actually musically these guys are not too bad. I mean they’re not going to become my favourite band or anything, but I definitely liked some of their songs. It helps that Corey Taylor has a very strong clean voice that he brings out fairly regularly. With regards to the instrumentals they’re not the most complex or innovative but they’re meaty and emphatic and they get the job done. Also one of their members literally plays a beer keg sometimes in the videos, so that’s pretty cool.

Songs I quite like: Before I Forget

Songs that are decent: The Devil in I, Wait and Bleed