Song Translation #28 – Hokori to Ogori from Revue Starlight

Translation notes: See my first song translation for additional notes.

Text in italics is the original English, and text not in italics is my Spanish translation.

This song has no right to be this badass and because I’ve been addicted to it recently I decided to translate it. Bear in mind that I’ve used a mixture of English translations to create my English version since I do not know Japanese and therefore cannot translate from the original lyrics. I’ve also put Karen’s lines in red and Maya’s lines in purple for ease of distinction.


Pride and Arrogance
Orgullo y arrogancia

[Karen:] I should be able to see it as well

[Maya:] No, you may not see

[Both:] The view from the top of the tower

[Karen:] Yo debería poder verlo también

[Maya:] No, tú no puedes verlo

[Ambas:] La vista desde la cima de la torre

What lies within your heart?
What is the shining thing that you strain your eyes to see?
Though that Star may yet be beyond my reach
I will continue to run for the sake of our promise

¿Qué está dentro de tu corazón?
¿Qué es la cosa brillante que fuerzas la vista para ver?
Aunque esa Estrella todavía es más allá de mi alcance
Seguiré correr para honrar nuestra promesa

The voice of the goddess calls from the heavenly throne
And a single star descends
One star alone

La voz de la diosa llama desde el trono divino
Y una sola estrella descende
Una sola estrella

Climb up to me, if you have the willpower to do so
Cut me down, show me your rage
Even if the pride within your heart
Is torn from you

Sube hasta mí, si tienes la fuerza para hacerlo
Vénceme y muéstrame tu ira
Aún si el orgullo en tu corazón
Se divide de ti

Preparation is not what will carry you to the summit
If you stake your pride upon the stage
You will be unstoppable

Preparar no es lo que te llevará a lo alto
Si te juegues tu orgullo en el escenario
Entonces serás imparable

Ever higher, ever more glorious
Illuminating the horizon with my light
Moving a step forward, that much closer to the dream
For that is my pride

Cada vez más alta, cada vez más gloriosa
Mi luz ilumina el horizonte
Doy un paso al frente, más cerca al sueño
Porque eso es mi orgullo

Ever higher, ever more glorious
To that nigh unreachable place
For such is my pride

Cada vez más alta, cada vez más gloriosa
A ese lugar casi imposible a alcanzar
Porque así es mi orgullo


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