So I was out for a walk and suddenly my brain comes up with this…

Stillness reigns as the birds sing
Belying the man-made acrid sting
Across the road flutters a leaf of gold
Denying that the Earth’s soul is sold

Neat rows of controlled plants and bushes remember
A time when they weren’t needed in front of houses to temper
The harsh, cutting world of grey that mankind has created
And in truth so it will be until from us Mother Gaea is liberated

Inspired by Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Although I don’t think it does these great characters justice.

Thanks to for the picture.

Thanks to for the picture. 

I hope you’ll forgive me as I hang on the edge
But how could I let you fall after making that pledge
To never leave you again, in body, heart or mind
If I have to watch you let go I’d rather be blind

So even if it means risking my own life
As long as we’re together, the world feels right
Because if I allow you to let go and save myself
Then nothing’s any better than if I’d plunged into hell

Just a poem I wrote. It was inspired by a scene from the TV show Ashes to Ashes.

The bride in white soon she shall be
She will appear at his time of need
When he is seen down the barrel of a gun
When it seems all is said and done

The threat’ner will not see her until it is too late
She pulls the trigger, she cannot hesitate
The attacker gone, she need not take it further
For already it’s wedding dress murder